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<p><b>MAARTEN PLATJE (Dutch, Contemporary)</b></p>

MAARTEN PLATJE (Dutch, Contemporary)

Marine Artists, London, is proud to represent the contemporary Dutch marine painter Maarten Platje exclusively in Great Britain. Maarten has established himself as one of the world's foremost marine painters.

Having depicted many American ships and battles from the great age of sail, Maarten is now looking forward to painting the huge and glorious panoply of British naval and maritime history, a subject that until now he has scarcely explored.Maarten Platje was born at Rotterdam in The Netherlands in 1967. He studied art at the Ars Aemula Art Academy in Leiden and on several other art courses.

Maarten’s method when producing a marine painting includes extensive research using written sources, period paintings and drawings, log books and ship models. Historical accuracy is paramount and in this he follows the methods of, among others, Geoff Hunt, who Maarten acknowledges as a pre-eminent master of historical marine painting. For a full biography, please email Charles Mayes or see the front page of Maarten's gallery on our website.



At Marine Artists one of our main specialities is commissioning great marine and historical paintings for clients and collectors all over the world.

We are proud to represent Maarten Platje exclusively in Great Britain and recommend him strongly to clients wishing to commission a marine painting.

To commission your own painting from Maarten Platje, contact Charles Mayes or by telephone on +44 (0)20 7352 7759 and we will post or email you a free pack of information including our short guides "Commissioning a Painting from Maarten Platje" and "Price Guide and Timescale"

The commission process is very easy, straightforward and enjoyable.